Sunday, September 27, 2009

100K after InterBike

So I went to InterBike with Keith and Adam. Chris could not make it because he had to work. I tried to go to the booths he would have interest and ask intelligent questions. I failed miserably. I don't really know or understand enough to speak intelligently to manufacturers. So I am sure after most of my conversations the booth workers were probably shaking their head in disbelief. I tried though. Pictures are below.
After spending Friday at InterBike we went to St. George. Brad Keyes held his 100K on the Goose (Gooseberry Mesa). This year we started on Gooseberry instead of ending there. That was nice. Gooseberry is always fun and allowed me to get into a good groove.
Kenny and Dave were kind enough to wait up for me from time to time. Thus allowing me to hang with the lead group. On the road to Gould Trail the dirt was incredibly deep. Kenny was leading off and I thought we were going lose him in the big puff of dust. There were a couple of sections like that. Luckily Chris had brought some chain lube though.
I felt pretty good until a bit after the lunch stop at the three hour mark. Then I started to fade just a bit. It was pretty warm too. The only time it was significant though was on the steep climb back up to the Gooseberry turn off. The course was really good. Nice job, Brad, looking forward to next year.

Adam and Keith trying on hats.

Penny-farthing or high wheeler

Trigon was there with lots of forks.

Mountain rigid.

And a frame--96er SS?

A seat made from old tires and tubes

One of my favorite things from the show. I want one.

Crank Bro's 29er wheel

Surly's Pugsly

The Bamboo bike again

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Grizzly Adam said...

Penny Farthing! I knew it had some fancy name.