Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not So Much Riding

I have not been on my bike so much since 12 Hours of Sundance. Last week I was really tired in general. By the weekend I had figured out why--I was trying not to get sick. This was the same weekend that we had plans to go to Zion with Chris family. We hiked Angel's Landing, Observation Point, and the Narrows. We did sneak in a ride on Gooseberry Mesa. We stayed in a house just down the road and were able to ride there. It was magical even with not feeling well.I tried to rest/sleep in between everything, nodding off on the shuttles, etc. I started to feel better on Monday before freezing during the Narrows Hike. I have continued to be run down ever since.
Now I am in Vegas for InterBike. On Saturday is Brad Keyes 100K on the Goose. I am excited and hoping to start feeling better.

The Narrows--only Chris witnessed this as the rest of us did not make it that far.
The Narrows
Heading out for a hike.
Doing my part, holding up the mountain on the way to Observation Point
Tex enjoyed the Virgin River
A Happy Chris on Angel's Landing
I found a cave on Angel's Landing in which to hide.
A view from Angel's Landing. It was amazing.

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KC said...

KC hope you feel better soon. With all of the long/hard races you have done lately I can't believe how well you have held up. I forgot how beautiful Zions is, thanks for sharing.