Monday, October 26, 2009

Back Again

We are back from LA. Luckily whatever little bug I caught only stuck around for about 18 hours or so. Around 2 am, my fever broke and the aches started to subside. I did not eat much until Tuesday night though. Then it was YW, sleep, and off to LA early in the morning.
Convention was just crazy. That is the best way to describe it. Looking at my schedule, I thought it was going to be pretty easy and carefree. There always turns out to be more work than you expect. I knew going into it though it is all about work. And while I answered very few questions on the science behind the products, I got some experience in security (while wearing a dress), lots of stocking, and the like.
While I did not feel especially good on my bike today, it did simply feel good to be back again. And my Hi-Fi is ready to be ridden again, this time it is one by nine. Oh, yeah.

Check out what is at Mad Dog, Superfly 100.

Keith resting on the Great Western the Saturday before we left.

Oscar outside of the Staples Center. My in-laws are big boxing fans.

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