Monday, October 19, 2009

If it is not one thing, it is something else.

Riding has been very up and down lately. I have had to work late and had other obligations that kept me off the bike. The weather has been spectacular, when it hasn't been raining. But really I would not complain about periodic rain if it fell on days I had to work late instead of days I can ride.
This weekend was beautiful. Perfect weather and prime trails. The plan was to put in lots of fun miles before taking several days off for Convention this week. Things were going so well. Unfortunately, I got a bit sick to my stomach today. Then the aches settled in. I am tired. I feel very warm, but cold at the same time. And I have not eaten anything since my scanty lil' breakfast.
No riding today.
I miss the consistency.


Brad said...

Sounds like post-race season depression, not the flu ;-)


OUch! Is this your way of getting out of conference? Don't fly with it!!