Friday, November 13, 2009

It got cold

I think winter is starting to settle in. I guess I cannot complain too loudly; it is mid-November. I still hate to see it happen. Today, I tried to squeeze in a ride. I was semi-successful. I got a ride in, but it was a quickie. My toes got cold. I was good climbing, but maybe that is because the ride started out heading up. The trail was wet but not really muddy. I had a tentative plan, but then deviated from it. I was not going to go to the altar, but I just kept climbing and ended up there.

Just below the altar

A bit of snow

I then turned down Frank's. I chose my single speed this morning in anticipation of mud. Gears would have been safe, but I was not sure how much moisture the trails got or how much they would potentially dry out. The one speed was not a bad choice, but rigid really bothered my thumb. It is still giving me grief.

Top of Franks

I took it nice and easy down Franks and Dragon's Back. Not just because of my thumb issues, but it was wet which can equal slick. And while Chris was not there to tell me to take it easy, I still heard him say it in my head. I was only out for an hour, but it was better than nothing. I got back to the car before I even needed to turn my light on. I am a pansy, I know.

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