Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snow Hurts

We tried to sneak out between storms. It started to look really nice, but we waited too long. We hit Bonneville Extreme South (ES) up by Slate Canyon. The sun was out; things looked good. About 30 minutes into the ride though it got dark. The wind picked up and started throwing little ice crystals at my face. I can handle snow, but this stuff just stung like crazy around my eyes. We were heading back from Springville and the wind was mean. It was not so much that it impeded forward progress, but it made it difficult to see and breathe. It ended up being another short ride. I am going to keep trying though. I know if I persist I will get a good ride in.

Chris not enjoying himself so much

Snow accumulation on my bike

Snow falling on single track


Ricky said...

I was trying to get out yesterday but never made it. You know how you get that drabby feeling on non-riding days? I had it until I read your report. Now I’m cured. Thanks. I’m planning on the daily loop being open this week. See you out there.

KC said...

I ended up getting caught riding in a snow storm once. You are right snow does hurt.


Russ H said...

Just read in cycling utah that you took female mtb of the year again, congratulations. If they had a couples category you and Chris would take it hands down.