Friday, November 27, 2009

Porcupine Rim in November

We rode Porcupine Rim yesterday. It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving. I opted to bring the big wheels down. The shock on my FS seems to be leaking air. The Superfly is super fly though so I am not complaining. Chris was pretty excited to get started.

We rode this trail about a month ago with Dan, Keith, and Adam. There were some icy sections with remnants of snow. This time there was not just icy frozen sections but real snow sections.

Of course we are no strangers to riding in snow, so we took it in stride. What was nice is once we got out of the shadows it was really warm again. It did make some of the climbs more difficult and not worth spending much time on them.

Overall the trail was in great condition. We were not trying to blast through it but we were making decent until we ran into some BASE jumpers landing on the bike path on the way back. It was a pretty fun distraction. It is so cool to hear the chute open up. That is my favorite part. One guy did a flip off the cliff.

A view from the Porcupine single track

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Keith said...

Sweet. Sounds like a blast and I wish I was with you two, not sure Adam feels the same about PR however, but I like it. We put in a good ride today on the local trails which are in great shape and the weather was supreme. Looking for more riding tomorrow and next week. Ride and Drive safe.