Monday, November 23, 2009

At the Movies

Chris and I work for the same company. And while this is the only company I have worked for in "corporate America", I think it is a great company that values it's employees. As part of its employee appreciation, it sent us all to the movies. They rented out a bunch of showing of two different films of which we got to choose--New Moon or Planet 51. Chris and I decided to go to our own movie though and ironically it included Area 51.
We picked the 2:22 pm showing, so we rolled out of work around 2 pm. We went to our favorite "theater" Timp Park. It was empty except for Racer who was just leaving. He watched a film on mushing. From there we watched one of our favorite films. It is one that we have seen several times. In fact this one we saw this exact same movie on Wednesday last week. I chose a different "seat" though so my experience was a bit different, better. This "seat" was not as plush but equally comfortable and a bit more enjoyable.
The thing about this movie is you actually feel like you are in it. Almost like a ride at Universal Studios. The movie is an outdoor film, some might call it a documentary. We watched the hero and heroine climb steep sections of trail, traverse side hills, descend fast flowy sections. The theater was temperature controlled, but it got warm some times and cool others. It ended almost cold. My toes were feeling it. There were snowy sections and the heroine had trouble climbing some in the snow. She could not complain about her experience though; she seemed very grateful for the opportunity to just be outside.
More people showed up during the movie, but we were so into it we didn't even notice until we were leaving. There was even that couple that makes out through the whole movie. Luckily, we did not have to witness it this time.
I can't wait to watch the sequels.


Ricky said...

Sounds like a great time at the movies! Did the movie you watched include footage from the Altar and Dry Canyon?

We're planning a lunch movie for tomorrow at the same theater. We'll figure out which movie to watch when we get there. Join us if you can. Carborocket and popcorn are on me.

Grizzly Adam said...

I like those kinds of movies. I think New Moon would be the last place on Earth I'd ever find Chris.

Steveo said...

Great Choice!
Plush seats, surround sound, realistic footage. I can watch that movie over and over again. Love your blog.