Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where in the world was KC?

A fair sized contingency of riders with whom I associate spent this past weekend in St. G. The weather was warm and the trails were in great conditions. Chris put together his SuperCal Hi-Fi and enjoyed it when it was functioning properly. He had lots of issues primarily with the rear shock.

Chris working on his bike with help from Bob

Chris, Joe, Kevin, Phil and Keith atop Zen

Bob, Brad, Dan, Joe, Chris, Kevin, and Phil
And another shot of the group (they really like that view)

Russ Holley was also there. Chris said he got lost along the way without him noticing. He is a bit concerned whether or not he made it back to the trail head. Has anyone heard from him lately?

You may notice that there are no pictures of me. And one may assume I was taking the photos, but that would be wrong. I just simply was NOT there. I was home not doing much of anything. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday moving less than I have in many years. Doc said I have some viral infection. It has been camping out in my throat for over a week and it was really bad this past weekend. On Monday I swallowed once and it was pain free. That was delightful. The pain came back with a vengeance though.

They say misery loves company. Chris is not feeling so well now, but it does not seem to make me feel any better. I will try more ibuprofen as it is the only thing that seems to have had benefit.


Russ H said...

I flatted, then my spare tube had a leak. By the time I fixed it I figured they were all long gone. So i headed back. I hope they didn't wait around for me. Chris was a great tour guide.

ER Dog said...

Ouch! Mono, is it? Strep? I feel for ya. Hope you get well soon. Chris too.

Ricky said...

what are you two turning into? supercal hi-fi? for reals? hope you're feeling better.

Grizzly Adam said...

I love me some supercal hi-fi.