Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We totally cheated on the 29ers this weekend. Chris and I spent some time in St. G. to ride. We spent nine hours over two days riding our Hi-Fi SuperCals—my paramour. It was 60 plus degrees and sunny—absolutely delightful. We rode the race course, Barrel Cacti, Zen, Bear Claw down to Stucki Springs and over to the Cove Wash Trailhead. We then rode Barrel Roll and took the wash back to the car.
We met up with the Hodnetts (Jen and Tim) and the Moffitts (Joe and Kevin) to ride Church Rocks and Prospector from Coral Canyon. The Moffitts then followed us to Santa Clara. We found the Rim Trail Systems—Rim Reaper, Rim Rambler, Rim Rock and Rim Runner. The Moffitts then peeled off and we tried to ride some more.
Being in the general area, we started Barrel Roll. Chris cut his side wall on Prospector and had to throw a tube in it—which we all know never really goes well. So he flatted again and again. Josh and Matt met up with us and we rode Sidewinder with them. But being out of tubes and air--my pump gave up the ghost, we opted to turn back.
I am still a committed fan and supporter of 29ers, but messing around on my “toy” bike is fun and makes me appreciate the big wheels even more. Don’t tell my Suprefly about my fling though. No pictures--less physical evidence.  

Any suggestions on a really reliable pump. I have been going with something compact, but that is not really necessary as I don't tend to race with it.


Barlow Family said...

I think I need a bike dictionary. :) Sounds fun though.

KC said...

Paramour is not a cycling specific word. As there is no word in the English language equivalent to a "mistress" for women, I opted for paramour.

Grizzly Adam said...

Man I wish I was down in the dirt and sun with you guys.

Joshua said...

You don't know me, but I've always been a fan of the many iterations of the mammoth mountain pumps by Blackburn. Your welcome.

KC said...

Thanks for the suggestion Joshua!

Keith said...

I have a new CB PowerPump Alloy? or Ultra. I'm not sure which in the team coffers if you want something quick. Not much on cost as I recall. SKS stuff we saw at Interbike always impressed me. I'm betting we can get something from them with a few emails or calls.