Monday, March 29, 2010

The First Big Ride

We went down to Moab to do a big ride on Saturday with Aaron and Keith. The weather was good--a bit windy and not as warm as I like, but nothing to complain about. It was probably pretty nice for those who may have been doing the 100 mile "group ride" around Moab. Personally I am looking forward to riding in a sleeveless jersey. Then things are good.
Keith had done this with us before. He was excited to know what to expect. He carried a pretty even pace throughout the day. It was the first time we hosted Aaron on the ride. I think he enjoyed it. 
We started from town around 9:30 am. We headed North over the bike bridge and up the old highway to Bar M. We hit Bar B, but skipped Circle O and Rockin A. Continuing on Bar M, we did Sovereign out and back. And then had lunch at the Shell station. Moving on we went up the Gemini Bridges road, but veered off to Gold Bar, Golden Spike and Poison Spider. The road return was a nice even pace. We rode for approximately 6:50. I fueled pretty consistently and felt good the whole time. I was tired by the time we got back, but not completely spent. It was great to be down in Moab and doing a big ride.

 Aaron brought his camera and I am hoping he sends some pictures. 


Brad said...

Sounds like a cool route. 6:50 means 8+ for we mortals.

Aaron said...

Pics are posted over on my glob. Feel free to download, photoshop, repost, and otherwise deface them.