Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Transition

So Chris and I have sold/are selling our road bikes. Because we do not do any road racing there is little need to have nice, light bikes for the road. Instead we figures we would build up cross bikes. This makes sense for us.
So Chris essentially took over my Lemond. This would allow me to get a lighter bike and even the playing field when we ride. The problem is, we sold a bike with his wheels on them and have yet to purchase another set. Granted we have a plethora of 29 inch or 700 cc wheels, but we haven't figured out how to distribute them all yet.
I did get a lighter cross frame. And it seems like it would be really nice, but we cannot find a set of cranks to work with it. We tried a set of Coda's we had lying around. The crank arms either hit the chain stay or with spacers the frond derailleur would not extend over the big chain ring. We then decided to try the Dura Ace set I had on my road bike. These were too narrow. Same thing with the Bontragers from the Lemond. So I have the potential for a super nice bike, but we cannot seem to get it together.
This has not been so much of an issue yet. But now is getting to the time when doing a little road biking is ideal. It is convenient to go out when we only have an hour or so. The canyon roads are melting and drying out, but still closed to cars making them ideal for riding and breaking up the monotony of the one available dirt trail. But I am stuck in transition and not getting anywhere too quickly. (Sigh!)

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