Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots of riding, true love, and inhumanity

We got lots of riding in this week.For me, it included a day of riding my cross bike finally. We set it up 1X10 until we can figure the front derailleur out. The goal was to ride up Squaw Peak Road. As predicted by many, it was snowed in.I probably got about two miles up before running into a snow field. So I turned around, went down, and then came back up. Then down and up and down again. I then tried to ride to Vivian Park, but snow and debris not far above Bridal Veil rendered that trail also impassable. While frustrating a road ride was necessary given my schedule that day--I had to go back to work for a conference call.

My Cross/Road bike

Saturday we did something we have not done for a really long time. We did a long ride at home. We rode for approximately 4:20. We rode all over above Timp Park and Bonneville North. It was delightful and Chris and I shared a "moment" where his true feeling for me were displayed.
I was one time forwarded an email that gave the perspective of children on what love is. It included things like saying Mom's dinner taste really good even if it doesn't. And stuff like that. It is really cute, but I have an example to add to it.  True love is when someone is willing to share their chain ring bolts with you mid-ride so you can continue togehter. My bike started creaking throughout our ride. When we tried to identify what it was, we realized that two, nope three of my chain ring bolts stripped out. So altruistically, Chris took one of his chain ring bolts off of his bike and gave it to me, thus allowing us to ride together longer. Yes, he really does love me.
After continuing to ride longer, we return to our car. We brought Tex with us so he could hang out in the park. We leash him to the car with a cable that is long enough to let him move, but stay out of traffic. It was a sunny 60 degrees. He had a bone, water, and a grassy knoll to sit upon. He knows lots of riders who frequent the park and always seems very content. As we ride up, I notice someone left us a note. I figured it was just someone saying hi. It was the following:

"How would you like it if someone chained you up all day? 
Do the humane thing and leave your dog in the backyard."

I have never thought of bringing Tex in so he can enjoy different surroundings as "inhumane". Would it be more "humane" to leave our dog in the yard by himself for eight hours? Granted we do this while we are at work, but we have always felt that if the weather is not too hot, he would enjoy the change of scenery and the ability to spend some time in transit with us on the weekend. We also usually take him for a jaunt either before or after. Are we oblivious? Are we being "inhumane"?


StupidBike said...

I think some people are way too involved in others lives, the person who wrote that note likely has issues and is projecting them on Tex.

I wouldn't fret about it, what works for you all and Tex doesn't work for us and Anna and Ellie, but both are ok, so long as our kids, erm, puppies are happy.

KanyonKris said...

Very chivalrous, Chris.

I think letting your dog hang out by the car is fine. But to someone coming upon the scene they may not know what to make of it, hence the note.

The note writer sure made a lot of assumptions. Perhaps in the future you could leave a note so concerned people will know what's going on. Something like "Dog has food, water and shade. We'll be back soon."

Was good to see you guys Saturday. I teased Keith about bringing a knife to a gunfight - he on a SS and you all on gears.

KanyonKris said...

Very chivalrous, Chris.

I think your setup for your dog was fine. But it may look confusing to passersby.

Perhaps leave your own note:

Dog has food, water and shade. We'll be back soon.

Good to see you guys Saturday. I teased Kieth he brought a knife to a gun fight.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Of course the note was anonymous. If you've got an opinion you want to share, fine. But stand behind what you say by putting your name on it. Pathetic.

Dan said...

somebody DOES chain us all up all day. Its called a cubicle. I'd take being tied to a car at Timp park with a bone to chew on a sunny day over sitting at a desk any day.

brooke said...

I always give your dog loves. I've even came across your dog in Moab in parking lots and given him loves. He likes hanging out in the parking lots!

Mr. Fast said...

As long as you clean up any crap your dog leaves, it shouldn't matter. What I hate the most is when pet owners are too lazy to clean up after their dogs/kids and you ride through it.