Wednesday, April 07, 2010


One of the sponsors for the Mad Dog Race Team is Tifosi. They make some pretty cool sunglasses. Our team order just came in. Tifosi comps us a pair of  "enthusiastic eyewear" and then we were able to get  a couple pairs of our choice for a pro-deal. Here is what we got:

 My Tifosi Torrents 

Chris' Tifosi Dolomites 
(this is a pair Chris ordered but I really like them)

 My Tifosi Lusts

Are these too big?

The last pair is the comped pair. I am pretty sure they are Slip Logics or as Chris calls them our "Tron" glasses.  Chris also got another pair of Forza's. He loves those. Now I just need to get some contacts so I can wear these when I ride or see about getting some prescription lenses.

Thanks Tifosi!

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