Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another week of spring and a Moab weekend

It was another week of on and off storms. I wonder if it is good or bad that the weather dictates my recovery. We rode Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It stormed on Wednesday and I was lazy on Friday. Chris coaxed me into the laziness. I justified it because we rode in Moab this weekend. We rode Porcupine from town. It took us just under three hours. We did not necessarily hammer it, but wanted to keep a decent pace. Towards the end we would get past by a guy Chris dubbed "Frenchie"--due to his accent. He was incredibly skilled. He would pass and then wait up for his friends. The guy was taking insane lines which was cool, but he was not wearing a helmet. Now, here is how selfish I am. That makes me mad because if something goes wrong, those of us on the trail have to witness it and/or help. It just seems like it is the responsible thing to take the proper precautions to minimize the potential for injury. I am just sayin'
We also rode Slick Rock. We don't do this very often but we were staying up at Sand Flats and it was right there.I told Chris I was going to ride it moderate when he asked. I pushed a bit harder-again like Porcupine. We completed it in 1:10. It was a lot of fun.
Seeing as we were in Moab, we also rode Sovereign from town. Everyone was there--tons of big groups. It really bordered on crowded. I have this theory about Sovereign. "They" keep making it easier and easier through "trail maintenance". I think this brings more and more beginner riders, which then leads them to make it even easier. When will the cycle end? So far it still attracts riders that lack skill needed to ride some areas safely. We had to slow up for a couple of endos and tipovers, they all said they were okay when we asked. But it also brings people out who don't even know to get out of the trail when they stop. We had several situations where we had to go around riders stopped right in the middle of the trail. It was annoying.
The weather was ranged from practically perfect, sunny and warm to drizzly and overcast. I enjoyed the sections where it was sunny but still sprinkling. just a bit. That is always fun.

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Brad said...

Seems to me trail maintenance should be left to the easy trails, not the Classic exciting ones. It's part of the Governments plot to make everyone equal and happy ;-) Soon, they'll have pullouts and double wide trails on Soverign. Sounds like a fun weekend though and glad you made it back safely. See you two in MV.