Monday, May 10, 2010

12 Hours of Mesa Verde Take 2

We went down and did the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde again this year. We had such a blast last year that this was a must on our schedule this year. It is not that far and the course out at Phil's World is amazing. This year we were joined again by Matt and Josh, but lots of other UT riders made the trek. We pitted with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (formerly Two Fast F'ers) and Bryan, Jay, and Derek (who made up a team) and Larry who did it solo. I hope having a girl in their camp/pit was not too inconvenient for them. I had a good time hanging out with these guys, even if they are a bit high strung.
Mad Dog had a big contingency also fielding two women's team, Brad and Dwight did it duo and Bill, Reed and Bob went solo. It fun seeing people you know out on course and between Mad Dog, Revolution, and Racer's there were lots of people with whom to exchange pleasantries.
The competition overall was steep this year. Word is getting out and bigger names are showing up. Results will hopefully be posted soon.
Chris just got on his bike during the start and yes people just laid their bikes down--crazy!

Per the standard protocol, Chris did the first lap with the le mans start. He did not feel so good on this lap unfortunately. I also felt my first lap was sluggish, although Josh did not catch me until Elbow about six miles through the course. A couple miles after that (approximately half way or so) there is a fast rolling section almost like a pump track. It is a blast. On one of the rollers my bike was coming up and I was coming down on my saddle flipping the nose up. I felt like I was on a free ride bike. I did not want to stop and fumble with tools so I kept riding. Chad passes me. And then Jay catches me in the midst of some technical sections. He makes some comment about my seat. I decline his offer to hit it back into place and keep riding. He leaves me behind. My back starts to hurt a bit and I wish I would have taken my secret concoction of drugs. Finally, I make it back. My first lap was not as fun as I remembered the course being.

Jay and Derek chilling around breakfast time.

During our nice easy pre-ride the day before, I remember thinking that there was less climbing than I recalled from the previous year. I (re)found the elevation during race pace. When I am just messing around, having a good time trying to keep my heart rate down, the little climbs don't seem very climby. But when I am pushing and fatigued, the climbs make themselves known.
My second lap, I felt phenomenonal. It must have been the "drugs". Although I beleive my time was similar--maybe a touch slower--than my first lap, it seemed like I was going lots faster. There were more people on course in front of me so I had "carrots" to catch. I also got passed by a guy in a Pro Cycling jersey. A mile or two later he lost his balance and fell over at a point where I could pass him back. I then created a game where I tried to hold him off for as long as possible. I whole heartedly expected him to catch me again, but I gapped him somehow.
I would start getting ready for my lap when Josh started getting ready. It made things easy. Bryan could take it easy on a three man team.

My third lap was lonely. The course was incredibly vacant. It was almost eery. It is strange how this can happen. With a few hundred teams/people on course, there can be times when you hardly seen anyone.
My fourth and final lap started off sluggish. I was just tired and in a zone or something. Then this guy passes me. I try to stay with him as much as possible. I then see him on the side of the trail with his bike so I am able to pass him back. I again try to hold him off. I think I can sense him closing in behind me from time to time. I continue to push. I start to feel good. Somewhere I get a lead on him and he is out of sight. I finish feeling pretty good over all.
During the final exchange, the announcer comments our my arrival and top position within our category. He then comes over and tells Chris we are up by 74 minutes. Chris lingers a bit. I tell him to go because I am hoping for a good position overall.
Our trophies and comped entrance to the 24 hours in the Sage. Anyone interested in that race?

We ended up in 9th place overall. One position behind Josh and Matt again. I think we were 13 minutes behind them on the day. Chris took it pretty easy on the last lap. He felt good on and off during the day but did not have as good of a race as he hoped. It was a good day on the bike though.
Duo Co-ed Podium

Chris out on Amasa Back feeling it the next day.
Having only done four vs five laps,  I am feeling a bit better than Chris.


KC said...

Good job on the race. It was great to see you on the course, you are always a motivator.


philstrailgnome said...

Hey KC and Chris,
Thanks for coming down again and rocking the category for the second straight year!!!
Results are now posted!!
Keep smiling,
Stephen, (the announcer!)

Olivia said...

Way to go! You two are awesome.

KanyonKris said...

Congrats, Holleys!

I've got to get down there and ride those trails.

29er said...

Nice report and congrats on the win!

Matt said...

Are you saying Im high strung? I think that is Josh!! haha. and just so you know, we like having a girl in camp! your welcome any time.