Sunday, June 06, 2010

Random Sampler

So what should have been a high volume week because there was no race this weekend wasn't. It was our stake's Girl Camp and as a YW Counselor, I felt I should spend at least some time at Girls Camp. I went up for Tuesday and Wednesday. I toyed with the idea of coming down for the Mid-Week race, but as I ended up bringing a girl home with me I opted to allow her to stay as long as possible. I sacrificed a biathlon, I am just saying.
On Thursday I hosted Ride Like a Girl so that was not a big ride. On Friday, Chris wanted to see how long it would take me to ride the Dry Canyon Loop. He said that I should not push any harder than I wanted to, but if the time is going... So I started off just at a pretty good pace but ended up time trialing it. It took me 44:40 according to Chris. He was surprised it was that long. What can I say, I am not so fast.
We rode a little of everything this weekend. It really struck me how green everything is. I figured I should get some pictures of it before it starts dying as we approach the dry season. The weeds are back and rides are itchy again. But there are some amazing wild flowers in bloom.

The meadow from Dragon's Back

From Frank's

From Frank's again

From Betty's (I think)

So here is the prevailing thought I had this weekend. In a perfect world, the water fountains would be on the top of the mountain instead of at the trail head. I think the altar (rock pile) would be an ideal spot for a water fountain. It is essentially the cross roads of most trails in the area.  Then you would not need to carry so much water climbing, but could have water at or near you final ascent.
Also, they (I am not sure who they are here) graded the part of the road after the trail run a couple of weekends ago. Granted there are still a couple of sections that are still pretty chewed up, but I figured if I was going to complain about it I should probably mention any acts to correct it.

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Aaron said...

When Ricky and I first thought of making the loop into a TT, we figured that anyone who could break 45 would be super fast. The problem is that every person who does the TT is freakishly fast. We need to get more normal people to do it. Can I put your time on the site? And what about Chris, what's he waiting for? I have a bike with a granny gear on it if he's worried about having to walk up Betty and Lament.