Monday, June 07, 2010


So I am out riding today. I am trying to get through an interval work out that is killing me. I finally make it to the top of Area 51 and then start to descend into Dry Canyon. The trail is good and I can feel my bike just flowing underneath me. I am listening to Bob Dylan on my music player. It is all good. I am about to pop out of the brush section by going through the river bed, but something looks different. I slow down and realize that someone (ok something) has dumped a load of rocks and mud into the normally clear river bed.

See Exhibit A

And Exhibit B

Now Utah County did not get anything by way of storms this weekend. But Salt Lake County supposedly had a big thunderstorm last night. Apparently that caused a portion of the earth to shift down the Dry Canyon river bed. My phone's battery why dying so I could not take pictures of the crossing of the river bed below the stair to get back on Bonneville Shoreline, but it was even worse. And Kevin, who I ran into at the top of the descent, said that the river bed crossing to avoid the stairs was the worst. Who needs to do some trail work still this summer?


Keith said...

We need to let Jesse know. I'll bring it up at Trails Group tonight.
Can you give me more details on location.

Keith said...

I can bring this up at Trails group tonight.
Let's let jesse know as well.

Where exactly are we talking about. Send me more details via email or call me.


Dan said...

careful. don't let the govern'ent catch ya'll. theyll fine you for improving the riding in utah county...