Saturday, June 12, 2010

Variety is good

I mixed it up this week. I rode my full suspension 26" wheeled (toy) bike on Monday. It is a nice change from what I normally ride. I enjoy it, but really like switching back to a real (29er) bike. I have it set up 1x9 so it is not a good bike for recovering so much. It is a great bike though for when I want to ride hard. I am forced to do so on some of the steep climbs.
I am trying to instill some "emission free Tuesdays" into my summers. On these days, I try not to drive at all. I enjoy commuting into work, but it does not make sense to sacrifice training in order to do so. And usually I commute with Chris anyway. Tuesdays work out good because I work with the Young Women in our ward (church) on Tuesday nights. I don't really have that much time to train, so commuting is a good fit. This is what I did this past Tuesday. I rode in on my cross bike (with low profile MTB tires). Chris can't figure out why I don't just put road wheels on it. I think it looks cool this way. Although when that big fella passed me on the way in, I thought about switching over to some skinny slicks. What is wrong with me?
Wednesday was a "one speed Wednesday" for me at the Weekly Race Series. I was apprehensive about this as I have not been on my single speed (Rig) for quite some time. We got to Sundance early and rode a lap and a half before hand; I tried not to get my heart rate too elevated which was difficult. I felt pretty good on the two lap race--better than I thought I might. I am excited for more one speed Wednesdays.
Thursday was all about recovery. I rode my Superfly nice and easy. I am not sure I ever got out of my small chain ring. We only did Dry Loop from Timp Park. I cannot figure out why my rear wheel creaks so badly. Chris has lubed the American Classic hub, but said he did not really think it needed it. Then I ended up denting the rim pretty well and knocking it out of true. Son of a...!
And then it rained on Friday and all day today. Today's ICUP race got rained/postponed until Wednesday. So I guess no one speed Wednesday this week.
The only bike I did not ride this week was my Rogue (650 single speed road bike). I hardly ever ride it, but I doubt I will ever get rid of it.

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My Superfly had a bad case of the creaks too. It turns out that Fisher has a recall on the freewheel. Travis ordered me in a new one. Creak solved...