Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've had better

The Deer Valley ICUP race that was originally scheduled for Saturday but due to crazy amounts of rain was held last night. And I have to say it did not go especially well for me. The one good part was my lungs felt good. I have been hacking up all sort of gunk for over a week. I had difficulty riding a couple of days ago, granted that could have been the single speed factor as that was the bike of choice for the day. None the less, I was a bit apprehensive. But my lungs did not fail me…breathing was good.

My group was small with only four entrants, which was not surprising as the weather was again looking threatening and it was a week day night. We took off with the Expert Men 40+ again. Usually I like leaving with these guys. They are down to earth about passing and racing in general. Last night it worked against me though. I got caught behind a guy who apparently did not want me to pass him even upon request. He slowed me on ascents and descents. Finally we hit the double track section I attempt to pass on the right. The right is not a good place to be riding. It looks as though it could potentially endo on the lip going really fast. I get my weight back and end up going down on my left side as the girls I am trying to catch are pedaling away and more guys are getting between us. I am just ticked.

I get back on my bike and ride hard. Chris is waiting for me at an uphill switchback. He gives me a look that says “what are you doing back here?” I tell him I just went down. He was not feeling it and decided to ride with me. I make my way back to the guy again, have to stay behind him for a bit and then he finally moves over a bit so I can get by. Hallelujah!

I also caught up to the #2 girl and she let me get by her on the descent.Things are looking up as I start my second lap. Chris has been behind me (he sat up waited for me as he was not feeling it). He kept telling me to go and ride smooth (referring to my pedal stroke which I cannot seem to do). I am trying to push and make up sometime on the first place girl, but my calf cramps up. The muscle won't relax. It seems like an entire minute passes before I can get back on my bike. It is sore and I cannot climb like I would like. After some place swapping again, I am able to finish second.

Let’s just say I have had better races.

Note to self: You MUST drink a bottle of CarboRocket before each race even if it is not on Saturday.

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KC said...

Bummer about the passing and cramping. Sure would be nice if people would let you by when you ask. Way to come back and still get 2nd!