Sunday, July 25, 2010

And Again

We met up with the gang again in PC. Apparently word got out about what a great time we had because there was a much bigger group--two to three times. The pace was quicker too. I did not mind the faster pace but it was a bit harder to keep up. I spent a lot more time in the 170 bpm range. I have to say I was a bit intimidated.

Our plan was to start at Deer Valley again but take a more direct route to Park City Mountain Resort and ride the portion of the PCPP from PCMR to the Canyons. So Duff, Adam, Trevor, Matt, Chris and I splintered off after a couple of hours and met Aaron at PCMR. I thought the pace might then slow a bit, but it stayed pretty quick.We rode the new bypassed portion of Mid-Mountain. It was rough, but not that bad. I am sure I will be singing a different tune in September though when more miles and hours have been spent suffering in the saddle.

While the stats seemed similar for ride time and distance for this weekend, it felt much harder in the moment. I was still feeling pretty good at the end though.

1. Aaron brought Mark with him. It was great to see Mark on a bike again.
2. My condolences to Dan whose frame broke (chain stay severed at the BB) about an hour into the ride. He then had to walk his bike out and wait for a ride back to UC. A moment of silence for him please.
3. Aaron rode a recovery pace to that I even I could ride with him.

 Photo by Adam
 Photo by Kevin Day

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Kerry said...

Please tell your husband thanks for the help. I have a new chain tool for him. He was a lifesaver. Way good karma