Sunday, July 18, 2010

Escaping the Heat

It has been warm lately. I would not say too hot but definitely warm. In an effort to avoid the heat, we spent the weekend riding higher in the mountains. On Saturday, we accepted the invitation from Aaron to do a long training ride in Park City. We picked up Adam on the way and joined him and a group of guys to ride portions of the PCPP race.
We started at Deer Valley. Aaron rolled up as we were getting ready. He had started at Round Valley a couple of hours earlier. While there were a couple of groups, Chris and I primarily rode with Aaron, Aaron, Duff, Ryan, and Adam. Zac met up with us at a couple of different points. Not being that familiar with the trails in PC, I can't elaborate on where we rode, but we spent close to seven hours out on the trails. Not all of that was riding though. The guys tended to get chatty. I would indulge them in their conversations for a bit, but then tried to move them along. I would say between five plus hours or so was actually riding. We had a couple of flat tires, stops for water and food, and regroupings. They were really great about waiting for me as I tended to be the limiting factor. Hopefully, I did not hold them up too much.


KC said...

Lol, usually it's the guys that say the gals are too chatty.


Skull Candy Mountain Team said...

We were just trying to recover from the blistering pace you set. You rode so strong, very impressive. Besides us guys had to catch up on all the cycling drama that is occurring in our life and who doesn't love a picnic.