Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Belated Birthday Party

A couple of months ago or so, I was in Moab riding with Chris having a really great time. It hit me that this--mountain biking--would be a great way to celebrate my birthday. So I sent out a mass email and invited people to join me. To be honest, I did not get that great of a response and then as the date approached, it seemed as if interest was continuing to fade. I fully expected it to be just Chris, myself and maybe a couple of friends.
To my surprise, we have more friends than we expected. A group shot was taken, but I have not seen it yet, so I am going from memory as to who was in attendance:
Keith, Adam, Ty, Heather and Jed, Gayle and Paul., Jeff and Emily, Jen and Tim, Tiffany, Chad, Cody, Brad, (his friend) Craig, Dave and Lynda, and then Phil and Cathy (sort of). I was blown away. We can rarely get anyone to join us for a ride, let alone a weekend trip!
And it was delightful! The weather was warm and sunny. The trails were in good condition. It was a bit difficult to keep everyone together, but I think we did alright.
One day one, we rode the race course, Zen, Barrel Cacti to Stucki Springs, Barrel Roll, Rim Rock, and back through the wash or some variation. In retrospect, I think I was the only one who rode all of that--Chris (and Chad) unfortunately missed most of Zen due to a mechanical. Day two we parked in Coral Canyon by the Harely dealership and rode Church Rocks and Prospector. We caught a snack at Red Rock Campground being careful not to disrupt anything and back again.

I did not get any photos of day one as Chris had the camera. Here are some pix from day two though.Thanks to all those who could join me. It was a great weekend.

Getting Ready

Out on Prospector

Coming down Church Rocks

Grabbing a drink

Check out that sky!
As I mentioned previously, I broke my pedal last week mid trail and had to borrow one. Incidentally, Chris had already purchased some of the new eggbeater pedals as a birthday gift. Practically perfect timing.

Expensive pedals let's me know he cares

And this is the most recent addition to our bike collection. It is a bit different from what we normally get, but Chris has wanted one for years. I am excited that he finally got it.

Chris practicing on his new trials bike
He just attempted a wheelie and was a bit successful--he still needs to get a helmet.
Trials bike or not a trials bike? Trials bike!


Erica said...

Looks like you had a beautiful weekend. I wish I could have joined you. Count me in for next year's birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an older GAS GAS. Brings back fond memories of the one I had. I now have a newer Sherco 250 and trials is really a blast and great for working on your technical riding skills.

Heather said...

That was so fun KC, thanks for being so cool and organizing it! Looks like yucky rainy non biking weather. Come to pump class tuesday morn with me if you want, or you are always welcome to run with the girls, even if I am not there! They'd love to have ya :)

Sarah K said...

Looks like a blast. So sorry to have missed it. Happy Birthday!