Thursday, January 06, 2011

Providential Living

I caught a super bug. Its resistance to antibiotics is not what is making me categorize it as a "super bug" but its intensity. In fact, antibiotics are working fairly well, but not before it took me out. It was in my throat and lungs. Though coughing was strictly forbidden out of fear--each needed cough was stifled as much as possible. While I was sure it was strep throat due to the INTENSE pain, my throat culture came back negative. The doctor took pity on me none the less and still gave me some antibiotics (my ears did not look good in his opinion) and more importantly at the time something for the pain.
Now I am feeling better but still have some gunk in the lungs. As I have always heard that one can exercise with a head cold but it is best to take it easy with a chest cold, I have been trying to avoid working out. This is always a struggle for me. So I have been trying to find things to do while taking it easy.
One thing we did was break out our new grain grinder my parents got us for Christmas. It went perfectly with the wheat, oats and rice that we received from Chris' dad.

The new grinder

I wanted a hand grinder because if things are supposed to get bad then we likely won't have electricity to grind said wheat, oats, etc. And I honestly like doing some things "the old fashion" way. I often will mix my cakes by hand--sans electric beater. One time I even tried to the do the same with whip cream. Chris laughed at me. Apparently that does not work. Who knew?

Chris after his ride.

Things to do when one can't or shouldn't ride her bike...grind wheat, oats, and rice.  Now I need to figure out something to make with all this new flour.


Kyle said...

Ashleigh's dad makes really tasty waffles with home-ground wheat. They turn out heavy, but somehow still fluffy. So good.

Jeff Higham said...

We have a good pancake/waffel recipe we use with ground wheat. So easy even i can make it. Let me know if you are interested.

nails said...

shae has a killer all wheat bread recipe that she was told by a betty crocker that couldn't be done. Grinding was good times the first few months, but now I want an electric one so I can play xbox and grind wheat at the same time.

Heather said...

That's awesome KC i'll make bread with ya while we wait for the yucky weather and colds to pass! I have a super easy recipe too. It was my goal last year to learn how to grind flour and make bread with it and I did it all the time but now I'm back to buying good ol grandma sycamores.