Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back on the bike but off it too

Most of the gunk is out of my lungs, so I started riding again. Not so much outside though. The weather has been frigid, air quality is bad, and lots of snow makes it very difficult. And I don't like to ride on the road unless I have full access to the shoulder which is presently occupied with snow/ice.
We did try to ride above the inversion on snow pack. But Friday evening the Alpine Loop was not ridable for either Chris or myself. We pushed our bikes for about 20 minutes up, turned around and road maybe half of it back down.
Saturday we were back at Aspen Grove but this time for snow shoeing. (We saw Tim and Jen coming down the by Sundance. They had an experience similar to ours the night before.) Our goal Saturday was to "hike" to Stewart Falls. We never made it there, but got in 1:45 of physical activity.  I thought it was fun--not MTB fun but what is? I just enjoy being outside and moving around after being cooped up for such a long time.

 Somewhere up there, looking back
 A skier swishing down--Chris was missing his snow board.
 Above where we went
 Chris "waving" in his lobster gloves.

And being watching Erica and Heather's blogs. They both have some pretty exciting news coming.

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Erica said...

Is Heather pregnant too? Ha Ha Ha! Just Kidding! I know what news we have in common. I can't announce mine for a few more days.