Monday, January 17, 2011

Reality Check

 Chris on Church Rocks
 KC N Chris on Zen (photo by Karl)
 KC starting Church Rocks (photo by Karl)
 Chris atop Sidewinder, of course
Noah, Carson, Karl, and Chris making a decision

We spent the weekend in the glorious sunshine of St. George hitting most of the trails we wanted. (A few still seemed like they would be questionable mud wise). I pushed hard. We rode for a bit over eight hours in total. My average heart rate was 150-156 depending on the ride. In total I probably  average around 154 give or take a beat/minute. According to my VO2 max, I burn around 675-700 calories per hour at this rate. If I give myself the benefit of the doubt and call it 700 calories per hour for eight hours, that is a total of 5600 calories. That sounds pretty good until I stopped to think about it. To burn a pound of fat, it takes a 3500 caloric deficit! If I did not replace any of those calories (and I assure you I did), I would at best have lost 1.6 pounds.How do those contestants on the Biggest Loser drop weight the way they do!
While I likely did not lose much excess mass, I did have lots of fun.Thanks to Carson, Karl, Scott, and Noah for spending some pedal time with us. It is always a good time.


Heather said...

So true, that is the sad reality of it all. I do a hard workout and think I can eat anything, but it's not true! But guys seem to lose 10 pounds by not eating as much for one day! Even when I was doing 18 mile runs, it seemed like the scale just didn't budge. (not like you have anything to lose KC)

ER Dog said...

That first pic is about how it went. You leading the charge and kept the boys going. 'preciated it, though. Let's do it again.