Monday, February 14, 2011

We found pothole arch...finally!

 We finally got to ride Amasa Back again. We have not ridden it for-ev-er. That last time we attempted this trail, we were turned away due to a man hunt.
There is a shoot off of Amasa Back called Pothole Arch. We have ridden this numerous times. At the end or turn around we always look for the infamous "Pothole Arch" but have never seen it. This weekend I turned around and was right there. Chris could not believe that we have missed it this whole time. I think it just happened, and whoever built the trail simply new it would appear. That makes much more sense.

Pothole Arch
It is just a little arch
 If there was a highlight reel to our ride on Amasa Back it would have featured me falling over time and again. Had there been any on lookers, they would have thought I was a beginner. I would get to a point where I would need to unclip, but not be able to do so. I would end up clipped in and on my side or falling down a rock. Chris suggested that I check my cleats and possibly clean them. They did not look that bad, but I scraped some dried mud out and that fixed it. I was able to easily pull my foot out of my pedal before falling over. That made trying obstacles much easier.

Moab was much cooler than we anticipated. In fact, I think it was warmer in SL county than in Grand county. The trails were in a weird condition. For the most part they were either sandy and loose or wet or muddy--but not usually too muddy. It was a delightful weekend in SE UT.

Frozen river down town

A little ice out by Amasa Back
Some ice on Cane Creek Rd
Sharing treats atop Potash Rd.
Chris out in a rock field (Sovereign)
We have never really noticed the landscape before this.


Aaron said...

Any highlight reel would have surely featured that picture you got Chris to pose for. Not sure how you were able to pull that one off. Nice work.

KC said...

Aaron, that pose was a Chris idea.