Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's coming!

My 2011 race season is on the brink of starting. I am excited for what this season holds, but as always nervous at the same time. Every race brings this mix of emotions for me. This year brings a new race series and a couple of new events in which I plan to participate. My hope is that this season goes better than last. While I would not call last season unsuccessful, I did not feel as good overall I would have hoped. In fact Solitude and the Mt. Ogden 100K were the two highlights of my season. I truly felt good at these races. 
Besides the race experience, I am anxious to see friends again after a long winter break. I love MTB and MTB people.


Erica said...

You are going to have an awesome season, for sure.
I feel the same as you; excited, nervous and thrilled to see everyone again. See you in less than a week!

Heather said...

You have definitely been working hard! I think it will be such a great year for you, always is! I can't wait to see the pro women race sat it will be so fun. You are all crazy speedy!