Sunday, March 06, 2011

ICUP #1 for 2011

The season has officially started. I think it is off to a good start. The Red Rock Rampage was yesterday. There were a lot of women racing. I lined up one of seven which is a decent sized field for my class, especially with two regulars out on medical leave. (We missed Erika and Jen.) The Expert and Sport Women had double if not more. That is so exciting. It is so cool to see MTB growing among females.
I finished behind Lynda, Sarah and Erica. While I would have liked to finish on the podium, I have so much respect for each for each of my competitors. I was pretty close for a bit but then lost some time. It is obviously early in the season and I hope to get stronger. But I did feel good. After struggling last year, I am really pleased with how I felt.
Lydia, Erica, Lynda, Sarah, KC
And the weather! Seriously I don't think it gets any better. As Chris put it, he never even thought about the weather during the race. It was never hot climbing. It was not cool descending. It was not windy. I could not have asked for anything different. What a great weekend to be in Utah's Dixie.
And did you see Phast Dan?

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Rick Sunderlage said...

I saw a guy named Ted that look a lot like Dan. And I only saw him for the first 60 seconds of the race and then he was gone.

Nice race! I agree. Perfect weather for racing.