Friday, April 29, 2011

I tried...

It is snowing...again. I try not to complain about the weather and I feel like I am pretty realistic in my expectations. For example, I expect that April will have its fair share of cooler weather. In fact, I anticipate that there will be some cold, wet days and even the occasional snow shower through June. I would like to emphasize the words "some" and "occasional".
April has been unexpectedly cold, not just cool, but cold in my opinion. And wet. (Those May flowers had better be phenomenal!) Thus riding has been pretty hit or miss. And it has seemed more miss. That could be primarily that the hit days landed on what turned out to be more of a miss or partial miss day due to my schedule.
On a hit day, though Chris and I were exploring the trails above Timpanagos Park to see what was dry and ridable. We continued up from the altar on the Great Western Trail (?). The trail was in good shape and then we ran into a big old pile of snow that someone dumped in the middle of the trail. We had to turn around. Luckily almost everything else has dried out...or was.

Snow on the trail

A little perspective on the amount

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