Sunday, May 29, 2011

Broken Promises

A number of years ago, Chris and I were introduced to the Dry Canyon Loop. I don't remember how it happened, but it turned out to be a significant event. It is easily the most ridden portion of trail by the Holley's. It is the give-in for our choices of trails when riding at the mouth of the Provo canyon.
There is one portion of this trail though that has caused me some angst--the pipe. Chris started riding it not long after we discovered the trail. I was a bit apprehensive and would dismount and walk down and around it. As I felt I might try it, Chris discouraged me. If you are off balance it is a big drop. This was an easy out for me so I was indifferent. Then I started to feel as though I wanted to ride it. Chris continued to discourage me and had me promise not to ride it. I consented. I promised not to ride it.
Time continued to pass. More and more riders were riding it, while I continued to dismount. I knew I could ride it. I stopped even looking at it because of the aforementioned promise. What was the point? I started to get frustrated that I was not allowed to do it.
This spring has been especially frustrating for me in general. I don't know if it is the weather (i.e. lack of really nice weather) or what. I have felt more dissatisfaction while riding then ever before. Friday was especially tough. I was just angry while on my bike. And then we approached the pipe. Chris simply jumped on it and smoothly rode down. I dismounted, carried my bike down the rock steps, set my bike down, got situated, and started again. I had had it. Next time I was riding it.
Yesterday we rode again. Life and riding was better in general. I thought about when I would tell Chris my decision. As we approached the section of trail before the pipe I told him. I expected some heeding or words of caution. Nothing. Interesting. I rolled up onto the pipe and put a foot down. I just wanted to look at it from the top. I turned around and then Chris realized what I had said and what I planned on doing. He started scrambling around trying to put his bike down or something. I went up the trail a bit, remounted my bike and did it. It was smooth. I "smoked the pipe" as they say.
Smoking the pipe
Chris made me stop and talk to him for a bit after the stairs (the end of the next section of trail). He said that he wished I had not done that. Something about being worried or nervous. I told him I would be careful. He still did not seem too pleased.


Jen Hanks said...

Nice smoking the pipe!

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a control freak.

Heather said...

I bet Chris was secretly very proud and pleased with you. Ha ha. So awesome KC. Way to face it head on. Maybe I will someday...:)

Greg G said...

KC, long time no see! I stumbled on you Blog jst now, it's great! I used to mtn bike all over Dry Canyon years ago... like 20 yrs ago! Cool to see the pipe is still there, I still remember the first time I rode it. Pretty sure I was on a Mtn Tek (POS) with no suspension.

Do either of you happen to be of Facebook? I should assume that Chris isn't... hahaaa.

You guys ever come to Fruita to ride? If you head this way, you have a place to stay, it would be nice to catch up.