Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sundance, Soldier Hollow, or Both?

This past weekend was the Sundance ICUP race. Unfortunately, Sundance was still under quite a bit of snow so the event was held at Soldier Hollow. Yes, that means we would race Soldier Hollow two times in a row. I am not so excited about that, but the course this past week was drastically different than the normal course which will be this weekend.
We pre-rode this new course on Friday. I was not sure what to make of it. Most individuals who raced the Wednesday night world cup, which was actually on Thursday, were not so impressed. The course on Saturday was much better. In fact, improvements were made between Friday evening and Saturday morning. In the end, it was not a bad route for a race.
My one qualm was the swamp section through the start. Why did we have to ride through the mud and gunk? We could have easily just stuck to the road and avoided it. Each time I rode through it I got angry. (Dan, that is my rant. Not so impressive, I know.)
Ultimately, I had a good day on the bike. On the start line, I thought it could go either way. I thought I might not feel so good and was pretty nervous. I had taken steps to  be recovered from 12 Hours of Mesa Verde and it seemed to work fairly well.
The weather was warm, but not too hot. Then about 10 minutes after we left awards, we noticed the sky was pretty dark. And within minutes, rain was falling. Not bad timing wise.

Waiting for awards w/ Chris and Tex

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Heather said...

Good job KC. Nice race, and by the way, once again I love that cute pic of you Chris and Tex. Such a keeper.