Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not my day.

Some days are just better than others. I have felt good in my last couple of races, this was not so much the case in the 2nd Utah State Championship Series race held at Round Valley this weekend.
I started questioning things off the start. We took off right behind the Pro Men. My heart rate hit a mere 167 and my legs were already screaming. This is not a good sign for me physiologically. I was able to push through it and caught up to KB.
AC and ET had a bit of a gap, but they were still in sight. As we were descending, a tree jumped out in front of me--or maybe I overshot a corner. As I started to pedal I realized the tree had scared the chain right off of my bike into the cranks. So I had to dismount and put it back on. I lost a little time, but still felt there was a chance.
I again started to close in on KB. Lots of Expert guys were coming up on me now and wanting to pass. I tried to find a spot to yield the trail quickly thus to not negatively impact their races. At one time, I heard a guy behind me on another climby section. I yielded the trail but he declined. So I told him to let me know.
I was surprised when I did not hear a request  for a bit. Then I hear a guy say there is a train of eight guys waiting. Ugh! Sorry! So, of course, I get out of the way soft pedaling for a bit as they pass. I feel terrible! Really, sorry guys. I would have moved sooner if I would have known.
About half way through my second lap I have KB in my sights, again. I think I am closing in and then it happens.KB must have started to feel better but I just lost it...motivation...the drive to push...everything.  My bike starts to complain about having a dry chain and so it is not shifting well. I ask for lube as I come through the feed zones. No one, but Brandon acknowledges my request and he does not have anything. (Or so he says.) :)
My last lap was funny. I was okay to be riding my bike because the course was just fun. I was smiling, but I only had faint surges of "racing". Oh, well. Another 4th place. I seem to be collecting them this year.
Congrats to AC on the win. It was great to see you. Way to hold on ET through the pain. And KB nice comeback.  
After the race, my body (i.e. gut) decided it hated me. It was a long trip home. I have got to get this figured out.


KC said...

I saw that same tree,scared me too, but fortunately it didn't scare my chain. I know the woes of passing issues too. Feeling pretty bad about it. Oh well, another day. I think you are awesome for your riding and all you do--keep up the good work.

Heather said...

Jed told me felt bad he didn't have some chain lube handy. GI issues are the worst, I felt that after too, my stomach was NOT happy. Isn't it weird how some races you feel great and some you don't? I still haven't been able to figure out what makes the difference! It's ok though, at the next race you will just have more fire in you! :)

Erica said...

I actually trust that Brandon didn't have any, he is the nicest support guy, even when you are competing against his wife!
Yes, GI issues, yes. My stomach is always a wreck after I've raced hard. I was in lots of pain that night and couldn't sleep, so I understand you completely! I don't have any solutions. I think it's just your body's way of saying "that hurt, now I'm going to hurt you". If you find a solution, call me right away.

WendyCope said...

Was it the spicy moooooo? I like how you said, "it's not my day." Cuz, it was just one day in the long, wonderful future of racing, yo.