Friday, July 01, 2011

Still no flow

So I seem to have misplaced my "flow". The last week or so, I just have struggled going down hill. It is not fluid, but almost choppy. It is driving me nuts.
Debris Field
Last night, Chris and I climbed up past the "snow slide" which has since melted. But dumped a ton of debris. They (I am not sure who they are but I am grateful to them) built a trail/track through the debris field so the trail can continue up. We were able to reach the snow slide again. I am not sure if this one is going to melt by the first snow this coming season.
Snow field from above
New end of the trail
As we were coming back down, just past the track through the debris field I went down twice...probably within the same minute. Seriously. The first one was nothing the special, I hit a rock and went down to the side. Whatever.The second one was a bit more spectacular. Based on the visible and felt contact points I must have again hit my front wheel this time on a somewhat hidden rock which caused my handlebars to twist. They, length wise, hit my chest/abdomen leaving an interesting abrasion. I then continued forward, hit the fat pad on my left hand (leaving a bruise). My head hit next and I forward rolled and hit my back/shoulder before coming to a stop.
Nothing too bad...but I miss my flow. If you by chance find it I would like it back.


UtRider said...

I've lost mine too. Two crashes on downhills during my last two rides have left me scratching my head.

Derron Tanner said...

What trail is that?

KC said...

I believe it is part if the great western trail above the "area 51" (trail 051) turn off.

Jen Hanks said...

I hope you get it back in time for next weekend. I will be cheering for you. I know you'll kill the 50mi distance!