Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sherwood Hills

Pre-race focus?
 I have always like Sherwood Hills. It goes back to when I raced Sport. This was the first race I felt I did well at. That day, I also took 4th, but the field was bigger. It is a shorter lap so we did four. I was really nervous about counting that high during the race. Funny, huh? I several times had to consciously figure out what lap I was doing. I attribute part of that to the funky start loop. None the less, I did do it correctly.
It seemed as though everyone felt pretty good. ET went from complete frustration the week before to putting her stamp on this week's race. I did not realize she had passed SK as both of them disappeared after the first lap.

Following Emma off the start loop
KB was not feeling so good coming into the race. She stayed behind me for most of the first lap. I struggled cornering and felt thrashed by the trail. After we finished the winding portions she came around me--likely dumb founded by my lack of ability. She invited me to go with her but I had been pinned at that point. She put a gap on me but I could see her most of the race.
At this point I was in 5th. KB eventually got around EG. I tried to stay focused and push. As I was finishing my 3rd lap, I tried to decide if I should come around EG now or wait. She was descending better than me--I seriously could not find my flow--but I felt like I was climbing faster at this point. Do I accelerate and try to gap her or sit behind and try to get her later? I decided to do it. As we approached the feed zone, I jumped out of the saddle and pushed. I got by with a little room. I kept the intensity up and try to be smooth going down hill. I kept looking for her. I was afraid she would come back. I was able to hold her off. I was off the podium but put in a great effort to the end.
And is it me or does that course have very little recovery.
It was another good day on the bike.
KC, Sarah, Erica, Kelsey, Emma
Pro Men podium
Getting a tutorial on hand ups--Thanks for the help

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