Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's Over

The final ICUP race was held at Snowbasin this weekend. This course is brutal but fun. I felt good enough but could not hang with the true locals who got a gap and rode off the front. ET got by me on the climb, but then lost a chain on the descent allowing me to leap frog her. I thought she would catch me on the climb, but she never did. I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see her right there.
It was dusty! Crazy how it took until the end of July to get that way.

Kevin, Kegan, Nick, Chris, Jake, Rich
This weekend was also Chris-N-KC's Weekend of Fun. It started on Friday. We got a condo in Huntsville and invited the team to stay with us. A few obliged. We pre-rode the course, had meat for dinner (and delicious broccoli slaw), and then hung out on the deck over look the lake. Beautiful.
Saturday was overcast and really comfortable for the race. It warmed up for awards. And then it was back to the condo for more food, rest, and relaxation. By early evening it was just Chris and me at the pad. We had an opportunity to spend time with Steve Andrus of SnowBasin and the Mt. Ogden race. Pretty cool.
Sunday I realized why I was so beat up from the race. Well, Chris really did. He asked if my fork was working. I assumed it was, but when I loaded it nothing. It did not budge even though it was unlocked. That made me feel a bit better. Now it is getting some much needed TLC from a mechanic.
We also took Monday off work. We had a reatively lazy morning for a work day. The threat of rain had us move our agenda up a bit. A road ride (yes, you read that right a ride on the road) up and over the Alpine Loop. I think it has been almost two years since I have done that. We got some mist coming down AF canyon but that is all for moisture on the ride. I lack trust for skinny little tires, but warmed up to them a bit by the end. We went out for lunch, watched a movie while it rained and then worked on bikes. We are playing musical forks.
This is going to sound weird, but usually I look forward to returning to work after taking a day or two off. Not so much this time. If I could make it happen, this past weekend would have lasted forever. It was just good times all around.
Thanks to all who participated. We are lucky to have such great friends, team mates, and competitors.
ICUP Pro W Overall: KC, ET, SK (not pictured)
Mad Dog one the ICUP team competition and were pretty stoked

I cannot believe the ICUP is over already. ET went home to melt in Vegas. Summer is coming to a close.

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