Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

It is always a good week when the bike love is shared among the fleet. This week I rode my Superfly, my road bike (twice!0, my single speed and my Hi-Fi. And it was filled with ups and downs.
While the fork on my Superfly was getting some TLC from a neighborhood mechanic, with the help of Adam loaning us an adapter I was able to use my spare Reba. It was short lived though. Chris stole it the next day for his Superfly100 as his shock was also in need of some love.
I rode my single speed with the girls on Thursday. It rained and was muddy so it was a good choice, but then we jumped on the road for a bit where it was only ok. It was fun though and I did not have to worry about any chain suck.
Then Keith joined us for a ride on Friday. I let Chris keep the fork and I rode my Hi-Fi. For a "kids" bike it does pretty well. Starting up the road, I was surprised how heavy and slow it was. Maybe the legs were still tired. I thought back to the Mt. Ogden 100K when I rode--I must have felt phenomenal that day. Something wasn't right, but I did not think much of it. It was creaking and we stopped to take a quick look. Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary other than the noise. The down hill was smooth, flowy and cushy on the full suspension. We climbed some more and I still felt slow and weak. On the final descent back to the car something was really wrong. The rear wheel did not spin while pedaling. It would free wheel but there was a ton of resistance with every pedal stroke. Son of a...! Luckily it was almost all downhill. We limped it back.
Today I used Chris Hi-Fi rear wheel and was surprised how good my little bike felt. There must have been resistance from the start yesterday and I just did not realize it. Today I was back to "normal". We met up with Justin, Richard, Branden, Keith, Tim and Jen for a ride. We started in Mill Creek (I have never been there before today) and climbed up and over to Park City above the Canyons, hit Mid-Mountain, climbed up to the Crest and came back. It was a beautifully, fun ride. Four hours or so in the saddle. No uncharacteristic resistance. Perfect riding for the 1X9 full suspension. It was a great day.

Keith, Me, Tim and Jen (hiding/stretching)

Me, Keith, Tim, Chris, Branden
Unbeknownst to us (Chris and myself), we lost Richard on the way back. He took a wrong turn and ended up descending the wrong canyon. I feel terrible. Next time we ride, we will have to use the "buddy system". Sorry Richard. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy the trip down.
On the way  home, we stopped by Mad Dog Cycles where Travis helped us replace my rear hub body on my Hi-Fi wheel. I have had the replacement part for about a year or so. Given yesterday's ride, it seemed like the perfect time for the fix. The cassette feels good, so we should be back in business. 

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Keith said...

Thanks for the great rides last week. Excited for another long test tomorrow. Hopefully the bikes keep operating well. I'm finding my bike is a bit more tired than I am at this point in the season.