Monday, September 05, 2011

P2P Weekend

Park City Point 2 Point was this weekend and it did not disappoint. My game plan was to start slow and then ramp it up. I started back with the time groups so I would not have the pressure of trying to keep up and starting out too fast. I may not have ramped it up enough or soon enough. I felt pretty good getting to Deer Valley.
I kept popping out of my pedals on the climbs and then on some of the descents. That sucked but it was absolutely my own fault. I wore a different pair of shoes given last weekend. I added shims but then used the old cleats. Bloody stupid, I know. I had my other shoes and our support was able to have them for me at PCMR thankfully. Mid Mountain would have been terrible in the other shoes.
I was able to ride most of the race with Adam. It was nice having company. When he first caught up to me, it was all chatty. Then the conversation faded a bit.
At PCMR  I thought I might make it under 9 hours. I was encouraged at Mid Mountain and still thought I was on pace. Unfortunately the end was longer, looser, and more technical than I remembered. I missed the mark by two minutes. Son of a...! Next time, right?
Happy to be done and dirty.

Erica, Brad (so good to see him again), me all lovin CarboRocket
 Today is Chris' birthday so it was all about him. We slept in later than normal and had a lazy morning. Washed the mountain bikes and got ready for a ride. Chris decided on the Ridge. Mid ride he decided he wanted to go down to Tibble Fork and climb back up to the Ridge. We got a little "lost" or "turned around" or something. Needless to say, we did not know exactly where we were or how to get back. Instead of a three hour (maybe) long ride, it was 4.5. It was a good loop. And we will likely do it again minus a couple of water crossing and make sure we bring along some lube. (We had to bum some off a couple of riders. It ended up be a wax base which is fine but definitely not a first choice.Beggars can't be choosers.) Saw ET and Johnny on their way back to Vegas. Funny.
Coming down the canyon being "stalked" by the Tingey's
We went to Carrabba's (thanks Dad) for lunch where Chris got the bread basket to himself. I may have been a bit bitter. When we got home, we had to wash the bikes again. Now we are just being lazy; Chris is asleep. Hopefully Chris had a happy birthday.


ER Dog said...

Awesome job! I was thinking of you during the race- remembered your burning feet story. Mine were ON FIRE much of the race! I even soaked them in ice water at PCMR. Wish Chris a happy B-day!

Erica said...

We really just stalk you and try to make it look like we "bump" into you. Ha!

KC said...

Check out this site more cool pics from P2P.

Great race. Next year under 9.