Friday, September 09, 2011

PCP2P After Thoughts

1. Mad props to my friend, ET, coming in second. What a phenomenal performance!
2. Speaking of friends. Not only did we have teammates, like Kendra and family, Dave Dean, and Dwight, waiting on us, but coming into PCMR Rick and Dan Z. were there doing anything they could to help me out. I needed a couple gels, Dan ran over and got me one of every flavor to ensure I got what I wanted. Seriously, thanks to all.
3. I got to ride with Jay (Sherman) for a bit. That was until I popped out of my pedal (again) but this time did it with such force I fell over into the embankment. It was pretty funny.
4. And I had to chase down Janelle Kramer (Revolution). She had a strong ride.
5. I allowed my flask to leak all of me because I did not close it. Son of a.... And I ended up needing it later too. Hence, Dan Z bringing me an assortment of gels.
6. I started off too conservative and/or stayed too conservative. Note to self: It is a bloody race. Stop being scared and race your bike. 

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Ricky said...

Strong performance, chica. Congratulations. Let's do it again next year...easy for me to say, I know I know.