Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some riding and some not

Chris said that from Saturday to Saturday, he put in 25 hours on the bike. I was not so lucky (and a bit jealous). The loop we "discovered" on Monday is now a standard of ours. Here it is (hopefully I have all the names of the trails correct).
We start at Sundance and take to road past the pay booth. We climb what we refer to as Jurassic Park (the trail from the parking lot for Stewart Falls to the top of the road). Head up further on Horse Flats and then descend crossing the road. At the T head towards Timpanooke for an out and back. Then head to Mud Springs taking the Tibble Fork trail down to the dam. Jump on the road and head up (and up and up) Mill Canyon to the Ridge trail. Take the Ridge to Joy. Cross the road and head back up to the top of the Loop. And head back down to Sundance.
We did it in its entirety yesterday.
On Wednesday we did a shorter version of it after work. It was awesome. We barely squeezed it in before dark. Nothing like 3.5 hour mtb ride after work.(Chris rode it on Friday also).
Friday was not a good riding day for me. I brought my single speed to work thinking I should ride it before racing on Saturday. But then realized that the race was cancelled. I should have just gone for a single speed ride, but preferred to do something long (and easier) vs short (and intense). So I rolled out on the road bike for a trip around West Mountain. About 15 minutes in, I came up on some train tracks and once on top of them realized they were in terrible condition. Not much place to go due to on coming traffic. I hit them harder than I would have liked. I was surprised that I did not go flat right away. I did pinch flat he front it just took a while for the tube to figure it out. I started to air up my spare and in spite of the fact it was brand new tube, it had a hole in it. Son of a...! I pull out by phone and try to figure out who to call since Chris was enjoying a delightful mtb ride up the canyon. Doesn't matter I have no cell service. I just sit there for a moment or two trying to wrap my head around the fact I am walking back to town. Luckily a woman whose neighbor's lawn I am sitting in, asks if I need a ride. Thank you!
By the time I get home my rear tire is flat too.I probably should have jumped on another bike and gone for a ride, but I accepted defeat.
Anyone know why the sundance single speed race was cancelled? Sad.

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Daniel Zvirzdin said...

I was wondering why the SS race was cancelled too. John messaged me Friday night to tell me. I was seriously bummed.