Sunday, November 13, 2011


We escaped the winter weather in N. UT by heading to SW UT. And it was great. It was never really sunny for an extended period of time, but with weather in the 60's we could not complain. The trails were spectacular.
Day 1: Vanderkitten kit by
Chris drove down while I rested my eyes. We started off with a little Zen which was so zen.I started off a bit shaky (i.e. no skills). I suppose that should be expected seeing as I have not done any riding with the exception of one spin class since the following weekend. My technique came around. After Zen we rode Stucki over to the Rim trails and then Barrel Roll and back through the wash. I ended up cutting a sidewall on the Sidewinder off shoot. And then Chris flatted after Barrel Roll on the road to the wash.
Flat #2

Texas gets to play
  So on day two we were both riding with higher PSI in the rear tire  due to a tube. This obviously has more of an impact on a hard tail which I was riding vs Chirs' full suspension. We hit Zen again, then Barrel Cacti and the race course. As we were finishing up, my bike it not shifting so well. Chris and I switch bikes so he can diagnose it--splintered derailleur cable with only a couple of strands left. Again!? I checked it the weekend before at Frog Hollow. Luckily, I brought my Hi-Fi down also. This has saved me now two weekends in a row.
Day 2: Girls by

We then headed N. to Hurricane to ride Church Rocks and Prospector trail. I was tired. Chris' weekend challenge to me was to keep my heart rate at 160 on the flats. So far I had been doing well. I was able to keep pushing the pace. With a head wind on the way back, I was surprised that I was able to continue to push.
It was a one by weekend for us. Chris converted my Superfly into a 1X10. It was perfect. I ran a 28 up front with a 36-11 in the back. I loved it. My Hi-Fi was already set up 1X9.

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