Friday, November 11, 2011

Vision Quest II

Day 3:
Today has not been a good day. I went to work for a bit. I was just tired of being cooped up at home. If I was to be honest, this probably was not the best idea. My vision has not been good today. My computer screen was fuzzy or blurry. This increased throughout the day. Everything seems so out of focus. I drove my self home. It was fine, but again maybe not the smartest of things. Chris did offer to take me home if I needed it.
I came  home and just closed my eyes for a bit. It felt good. I have taken my artificial tears hourly or sometimes earlier. My cocktail is still being taken every four hours. Fours hours takes forever to elapse.
It is not a real pain, but an definite irritated feeling. Almost like when contacts are really dried out.
Things are crazy blurry. Not out of focus necessarily but everything is soft or has a halo. Writing this I need to really focus my eyes in order to see.
I am glad Dr Yardly said my vision would be all over the place and it would get worse before better because otherwise this would be scary. But apparently it is just part of the process. Here is hoping tomorrow is better. Please be better.
My next follow up appointment is tomorrow afternoon. We scheduled it early because we had plans to go out of town with friends. The friends have bailed, so we are trying to decide what to do. If this does not improve though, I cannot ride.
Day 4:
I slept in late today. When I got up I my reflection was so hazy in the mirror that I couldn't see my eyes clearly. So I turned the radio on and crawled back into bed. What was the point?
I wanted to go to spin. I have not been on a bike since the race this weekend. I have done yoga a couple of times but that is it. I debated between driving and jogging there. Things seemed to be clearing up so I drove the mile or so to the gym. No biggie. As I spun before class started, I thought my vision was continuing to clear. Distance is definitely better than close.
I drove myself up to my appointment in Sandy. My vision seemed okay. I saw Dr. Linn this time. He asked how things were going. He looked at my eyes and said the epithlium looked good. So he could remove the contact bandages. Excellent.
He took them out and things were not so excellent.  My left eye felt okay, but my right eye felt as if there was something huge in it. It was watering constantly. Dr. Linn looked at it again. He said there was a bump in the epithilium, so he put another contact bandage in that eye. Ahhh...much better. He said to leave it in until Saturday morning. He gave some instructions on removing it. And I was on my way.
When I got outside thought things were as clear as I remembered them. It was a nervous drive back home. Again, I can see, but details were not clear. This did not deter me though. Chris and I were going to go out of town. I was going to ride my mountain bike again...this weekend. St. George here we come.

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