Monday, December 05, 2011

From Funtastic to Fiasco

We spent the weekend in St. George with friends mountain biking. We invited everyone we knew who rides a bike in the dirt to join us. On Friday, we hooked up with the Olpin’s (Paul and Gayle), the Nelson’s (Tiffany and Lance), the Hodnett’s (Jen and Tim) and Dan. Dan we met at the trail head. He raced with Keith in the ICUP series and was extended the invite. As we got ready to ride Church Rocks and Prospector, it was cold. But once we got riding, it was not bad at all. The sun started to come out and warmed things up. We were able to keep a good pace. We grabbed a quick bite en route and headed to Paradise Rim. We have not ridden this section of trail for a long time. It was perfect as we just wanted a little something more before calling it a day.
The Olpin’s rented a house for a big group of us to share. It was so nice and had a hot tub which felt good post ride(s). 
View from Zen
The next day, our group was joined by Bart (Gillespie), Jeff (Higham) and friend--Chris, Keith, Richard (not to be mistaken with Keith Richards). We met up at the Zen trailhead and rode Zen, Barrel Cacti, dropped down Bear Claw, to Stucki, rode the Rim trails, Barrel Roll and then the wash back. Different individuals did different variations but that was the jist. The weather was a chilly when the wind blew, but when it was calm it was so delightful.
Most of us met up for dinner that night at Bajio and were joined by Jess, Dave Dean and Wendy. With two days of good riding in the legs we were feeling it but feeling good at the same time. 
Thanks to Paul and Gayle for the cake. I hear it was as delicious as it looked.

Birthday ride
 Then we hit Hurricane Rim, Jem, and planned on Gould. It was not to be though. Paul, Gayle, Tiffany, Chris and I headed out with Joe. Joe was at the Zen trail head cooking bacon and ended up joining Jess, Dave Dean and Wendy on their ride. We headed out and Chris got a flat on his MukLuk. He tried to patch it but it did not take. The group had separated figuring we would regroup on the trail due to pace. Chris headed back with my pump to the car to get his SF100 circling around to join us. About 15 minutes later, I pinch flatted my rear tire. Paul was riding with me and through some air in with his CO2 cartridge. It did not seal so I nursed it until we caught up with Gayle and Tiffany. I must say the trail is not nearly as fun when you are protecting a rear rim. We finally caught the two girls and I started to throw a tube in. Joe caught up and had a pump, so we used that. Another 10 minutes or so, Paul’s sidewall started leaking. He threw in a tube. By this time, I could not figure out where Chris was. Why had he not gotten to us?
Chris got to the car and had no rear brake on his 100. He still rode it up but thought he had missed us some how. So he went back to the car and called. Then there was a mix up on where we would meet back up as we were all about done with this ride. Finally, we got to the road and back to the car.
While it ended in a fiasco, it was a delightful weekend in total. Thanks to all who shared it with me. 

Paul, Keith, Richard (who did NOT get lost!)

Fast guys: Bart and Chris

The good guy: Lance
Gayle and Tiffany

Tim and Jen's wheel (she was too quick)


Gayle said...

Looks like I'm praying...

KC said...

You gave the "opening prayer". Don't you remember? Tiffany is being irreverent with her eyes all open. :)