Sunday, December 11, 2011

Things I miss...

1. Chris. I have not seen him since Monday December 5. That seems like a long, long, long time ago. We had just spent the weekend in St. George riding bikes. So much fun.
2. Riding bikes with Chris. I have hardly exercised since the 4th. I got one hour on a rickety old spin bike and 45 m. on an elliptical trainer this week. That has been the extent of my exercise. I was going to squeeze in one more spin class on Monday before I left, but opted to spend a little time that morning with Chris.
And in my absences, this came in. See below. I cannot wait for to head south to do some serious riding. 
2011 Superfly 100 Pro
3. Eating where I like to eat with Chris. While galavanting around SEA, I find myself at seafood eateries. We are talking fresh, fresh seafood. Crabs, snapper something, prawn, squid (yes squid) and I could not tell you what else. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of seafood in the slightest. I just don't like it any of it. I did also get a first and second taste of durian and mangosteen while in Singapore. I am sure I like mangosteen, but the jury is still out on durian. I like it better than fish, but can only do small doses.

Yummy Mangosteen
4. Just being home. I am a bit of a homebody. I am okay with short trips, but being gone 10 days (I am on day 6) is a long, long time. The worst part of it is also being limited in my communication. I don't have a phone that makes calls from international locations, so Chris and I have been limited to email.

I am over half way done... I can do this. 


Ricky said...

it's good that being apart sux so bad. if things didn't suck so bad, you wouldn't care, which would suck more. stay strong. just think of the grand reunion...

BradSneed said...

It's nice to see the common denominator in all the things you miss is both are very lucky to enjoy so many things together...Very cool!