Monday, January 23, 2012

It was great while it lasted...

Chris and I received a termination email last week. It brought great sadness, but we both felt it was coming. Somethings are too good to last.

After the re-branding of Gary Fisher as Treks, the Subaru-Trek factory team all riding 29ers, and the bigger wheels being much more mainstream, it is easy to see that this just makes business sense for them. I was surprised it did not happen sooner.
 I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I was able to represent Gary Fisher/Trek. The grass roots initiative we had for the first three years was a dream. Then the 29erCrew hook ups were still great. And at the level I ride, it was more than I probably deserved.
I will miss my close association with the company in the future and the ability to represent them as I had.  Thank you, Mr. Fisher.


Jen Hanks said...

KC-That sucks. I can't think of any better ambassadors Trek/Gary Fisher could have had. Sorry the program ended:(

Sarah K said...

KC, you guys deserved every bit of help tht you got! You are fantastic ambassadors for the brand and the sport. Hope you find some good support for this year.