Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heading South and Staying Home

Last weekend we went to St. George with the Paul and Gayle, Lance and Tiffany, and Tim and Jen. Again, it was good times. I sported my 100 for the weekend and it was a dream. I loved it. I don't think I can go back and forth between my HT and FS Superfly's. My hardtail makes transitioning back to my full suspension difficult. Thus, I think I might sell my HT.
We went down and rode by ourselves the first day. We hit Church Rocks and Prospector. We ran into Paul and Gayle as we were heading back to the car. They were with some friends. After some chit-chat, we made it back to the car, packed up, and headed to Zen. We did it anti-counter clockwise (as we always do) and then clockwise. I by far enjoy our standard practice of anti-clockwise. But now I know.
Day 2 was a lot of the True Grit course and a bit of the stuff we just like to do. In the morning, it was Chris, the Tim's (Tim Fisher joined us) and myself. Then Paul and Gayle, Lance and Tiffany, and Jen joined us in the afternoon.
Things broke up for Day 3. Paul and Gayle had to head back home due to a sudden influx of unexpected work. (Missed you guys out there). While everyone else opted for hiking. We attempted/rode Guacamole. Chris just got frustrated because it is new and not as well marked as he would have like. We had to go slow to ensure we could follow the course. We spent about an hour there then packed up and headed to Virgin. We parked off the dirt road and headed up to Gooseberry from the West.
Now here is the thing. I was apprehensive about first riding the road to get there and then secondly actually doing the trail. I had spent the past two days burying it. Gooseberry has always taken a lot to ride. This time though I stayed relaxed. I don't feel as if I was fast but nice and consistent. I used my momentum well and places where I usually struggled were smooth and seemed to take less effort. It was awesome. I don't think I have ever enjoyed Gooseberry like that. I cannot wait to go back.
This weekend we had plans to go to Moab...and the St. George, but ultimately ended up staying home. Winter-ish weather hit. So we tried snow riding again. And again, Chris just got frustrated while I smiled and enjoyed being on a bike. I think Chris has snowbiking built up in his mind as something more than it is. I don't know, but every time we try it he gets "frustrated and bored". None the less, I thought it was great. We hit the old race course area.

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