Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hanging with the boys all weekend

In retrospect, it was a guys weekend for me. On Saturday, Chris and I went to St. George with Jesse et al. Jesse took his big van with Frank, Miles, Brandon, Dan x2, Darryl, Keith and us. We parked at Zen trail head and essentially did a variation of True Grit...again. Alterations were made to avoid mud and preserve the trails and add a bit to the fun factor--top of Rim Rock and Sidewinder, etc.
When we (Chris, Kevin and myself) were heading over to the Barrel Roll area, we were in this gully with what I assume was a hawk. It would fly in front of us and try to settle down, get spooked and relocate a bit further up the trail. It probably did this four different times. It also had prey in its talons. It was pretty cool. 
We got a little under five hours in. I then called it a day assuming everyone would be getting back to the van and readying to leave. I was not aware the plan was to ride more. So I waited a bit before we packed up and headed out.

It was great to be able to sleep on the way down and back. I returned home so that I could teach our Sunday school lesson. I have had to miss quite a bit lately and have felt guilty about it--only two boys showed up. But I still think it was the right thing to do. No regrets.
Then I headed back down to St. G to ride on Monday. This time I rode with Chris, of course, Josh, Matt, Jay, Jeff, and Steve. Due to the rain, we took the wash over to Barrel Roll and Rim Runner first and then back through the wash to the race course, Zen, and Barrel Cacti. So on Barrel Roll, after hitting the Sidewinder spur and we are on this climbing section with some ledges. We are spread out a bit and pass these two older-ish women hiking on the trail. They warned me to "Be Careful". Now I was not riding out of control. Nor did I get too close to them. I had greeted them and smiled as I always try to do to pedestrians on the trail. They did not warn any of the guys to "be careful", just me. Is that a little sexist? I don't really care, but found it humorous.
And speaking of humorous, those guys are a crack up. I am grateful they let me crash their "guys-weekend".


KanyonKris said...

Perhaps the ladies thought the guys looked up to no good. Gotta watch out for those bikers.

South County Ciclista said...

I agree it was a good day riding. Day trips work nice for family and church things.