Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It is about that time

So racing season is just about to start. All the feelings of excitement and anxiety are settling in. As always I am hopeful (yet anxious) to have a successful year. Last year I had challenges...some of the same and some new. Some took longer to figure out, but I think I got it now. Hopefully this year I am smarter having learned from last year. 
I have had more focus on the little things during the off season--if you could call it an off season. The weather has been spectacular for winter. None the less, I will see how this pays off. 
Race registrations have opened up. I messed up our P2P registration and thus we did not get in. (Anyone looking to sell yet? Two buyers.) Mt. Ogden 100K (50 and 25K also) opens today.
 And then there is getting the bikes ready. I have wanted/needed to do some things to my bike but kept putting it off. It is go time, so Chris has been busily trying to get everything in order for us. I try/pretend to help, but it is really all Chris.  He takes care of me and my bikes. I am incredibly lucky and grateful.

Chris all tuckered out from working on bikes

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