Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That's racing.

The weekend did not really go as planned. I had hoped to ride a bit more. Saturday we did some trail work. We were going to ride afterwards but as we descended back to our cars and bikes, it starting raining...hard. It was a cold rain too. So we went home and moped around the house. Sunday's weather mirrored that of Saturday so lots of more lounging around the house. I think I even took a nap and I rarely nap.
We got up and searched for a race/trail update. This race (or maybe it is just Memorial Day weekend) is notorious for poor weather or trail conditions. The race has been postponed and/or rescheduled more than once. Monday warmed up nicely though and it was only pushed back 30 minutes or so which I believe had less to do with the weather as just the kids race taking some more time.
None the less, we raced. Chris felt pretty good (finely) and finished well. I was so excited as he has been frustrated lately. I too had a good day on the bike.
I finished just a second behind Jen again. This leads to a lot of introspection. I had some trouble getting around some people on the final descent that easily cost more than a second. But I cannot conclusively say that would have made a difference.
I spotted Jen as we approached the lower section of the lap. I have to admit I was surprised to see her again. If I had known I would have been (more) aggressive in trying to get by the guys on the way down. I slowly caught up and stayed behind for a bit. Then I jumped hoping to put some distance in. I was disappointed to see she responded and was on my rear tire. Then she accelerated and passed me. I was content to sit behind in the narrow single track but could not get by her on the final climb and finish. Next time (I hope).

Thanks to those who provided photos--always appreciated

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