Sunday, June 03, 2012


My goal this week was to go on a MTB binge. I did want to feel decent on Wednesday's World Cup race so I took a day to recover on Tuesday after racing Monday. Then I raced on Wednesday. It was a shoot 'em up short track. I usually don't end up doing very well comparative to other weekly races, but they are always fun.
Fastest Female in Expert B

On Thursday we went to MO-AB! We have not been down there for what seems like a really long time. It was warm and glorious. My legs did not feel so good on Pipe Dreams. I also ended up needing to stop because some (lady) cramps kicked in. They were so bad I got nauseous and was sure I was going to lose my powerbars. Luckily, I didn't, the pain passed, and riding was fun again. This was not a "No Dab" run on Pipe Dreams; it was for speed and enjoyment. Then we hit Porcupine Rim. The climb felt long and arduous due to the tired legs and a head wind on Sand Flats Road. The descent was divine though. I felt smooth and flowy. I even made an obstacle or two that I have not before.
Pipe Dreams

Sunset while stopped (for an hour) in Spanish Fork Canyon
Friday we went to Park City. The legs were definitely feeling it so not soon after commencing the ride, I deemed it a recovery day. We climbed up Spiro slow and easy and rode Mid Mountain towards Deer Valley. We took an off shoot or two and headed back and down Crescent Mine. Traffic was not bad, but there were still a couple of close(r) calls.

Saturday was Provo Canyon. We did the big loop and it did not disappoint. Our legs felt better. Everything was in really good condition. But there is some weird phenomenon taking place. I swear the descents in that canyon are getting shorter. I don't know how, but they are definitely not as long as they once were.
Heading toward Mill Canyon

Moose on the Glacier

The legs are tired, so mission accomplished. Now I will be starting my MTB fast. I am heading off to Japan on Monday morning. I bet the fast is not nearly as fun as the binge.

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